About Us

Born in 2010 – of 1610.

Our Vision

We are Newfoundland and Labrador’s sole professional classical theatre company.  Our vision is to do work from the time of – and inspired by – 1610, the year of Cupids’ settlement as Canada’s first English colony – as it relates to the people of the province today. With an Elizabethan-inspired theatre that allows actors and audience to relate directly to each other, the text and to the natural world, our annual summer season is a very special meeting of like-mindedness.

Our Theatre

Designed by Geoff Adams, our theatre is inspired by the Elizabethan playhouses of William Shakespeare’s and John Guy’s England, comprised mostly from materials that would have been available to the early settlers. Built with Newfoundland wood and enclosed with sail canvas, our theatre has a two and a half storey tiring house, stage, groundling yard and a series of audience stalls.

Our Leadership

Danielle Irvine, Artistic Director  nwtpad@gmail.com

Marie Jones, Interim General Manager nwtpgm@gmail.com

Our Artistic Circle

Theatre Artists who have contributed to past season productions become permanent members of the New World Artistic Circle, remaining connected to our activities regardless of whether or not they are active in the ensemble of any given season.

Jake Bradbury, Petrina Bromley, Courtney Brown, Mary-Lynn Bernard, Neil Butler, Gabriella Collavechio, Liam Dawson, Chris Driedzic, Cathy Elliot, Jerry Etienne, Edouard Fontaine, Patrick Foran, Laura Huckle, Darren Ivany, Andy Jones, Jillian Keiley, Jeannette Lambermont-Morey, Gaston Letourneau, Emily Locke, Greg Malone, Brian Marler, Evan Mercer, Brittany Pack, Crystal Parsons, Paul Rowe, Victoria Seymour, Marie Sharpe, Jamie Skidmore, Lesley Dove Smith, Michael Rhodri Smith, Perin Squires, Edmund Stapleton, Dave Sullivan, Bridget Wareham, Victoria Wells-Smith, Mark White, Alison Woolridge and Scott Yetman

Our Board of Directors

Chair: Jerry Dick

Vice-Chair: Brian Marler

Secretary: Laura Barron

Treasurer: Krista Ryan

Directors:  Shauna Akerman, Ann Anderson, Don-E Coady, Rosalind Dawe, Patrick Laracy and Karen Rehner

Committee Members-at-Large:

Darrin Akerman, Infrastructure Committee Member

Maria May,  Revenue Generation Committee Member

Paul Wilson, Infrastructure Committee Member

Our Founding Artists

Geoff Adams, Aiden Flynn and Brad Hodder

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Our Partners

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